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Whether it is needing feedback and guidance on academic assignments, the creation and editing of business documents, or creative guidance for your own personal writing journey, we are here to help you! With over ten years of experience in academic and business settings, Kristina has a great body of knowledge that she’s eager to share. Regardless of the client’s skill-level, we are patient and determined to meet the client’s unique writing needs!


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A wide variety of Academic, Business, and Creative writing and editing services are available. Please click the below link for further details.

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Kristina was born and raised in New York City, where she attended Stony Brook for her MFA in Creative Writing. In the city, she also worked as a copy and technical writer for a major New York company. Click here to read more about her qualifications, accomplishments, and upcoming projects.

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Writing is a multi-step process. Session packages are available for longer projects. Student discounts are available to all matriculated undergraduate and graduate students. Please inquire more about these options for further details!