Creative Services


Creative Writing Review - Asynchronous (Single Document Review)

This includes a flat rate of a draft review based on (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font) page length. You will receive detailed feedback of in-line comments on your document regarding style, personal voice, as well as writing mechanics and grammatical usage. You will also be given an assessment summary that includes an overview of your writing’s strengths and weaknesses, with guidance on how to make your final draft even stronger.

All asynchronous reviews include one post-session question and answer. Meaning, if you have any further questions on the feedback you receive, please write your question in an e-mail and you will receive a detailed response for no additional cost.

1-3pgs: $17 / 3-5pgs: $24

5-7 pgs: $29 / 10-15pgs: $34

15-20pgs: $38 / 20-28gs: $48

30pgs and up —inquire further for quote.

Live Creative Guidance & Writing Help (Pre-Writing)

$18 per hour — This consists of receiving scheduled, live assistance either through online cha, text, or voice call, with any creative writing question you may have. This does not include reviewing a document live. Any completed draft document reviews must be done through one of the asynchronous options above or multi-session package. If we arrive to an answer to your writing question early, any unused session time can “rollover” into a future session or be used towards document review. Writer’s choice! 24hr cancellation policy.

Online Workshop Packages - Coming Soon!

Multiple online workshop packages will soon be offered! Inquire further for details!