Business Services


Standard Business Document Review (Proofreading / Editing)

You can receive detailed feedback of in-line comments on your document regarding organization, areas of improvement, as well as writing mechanics and grammatical usage. You will also be given a detailed assessment summary that includes an overview of your document’s strengths and weaknesses, with guidance on how to make your final draft even stronger.

All asynchronous reviews include one post-session question and answer. Meaning, if you have any further questions on the feedback you receive, please write your question in an e-mail and you will receive a detailed response for no additional cost.

General Pricing Details: * pricing may vary depending if font face and spacing is different than above

Page lengths below reflect pages of actual writing, double spaced, 12pt font (not including picture charts, graphs, or images).

1-3pgs: $17 / 3-5pgs: $24

5-7 pgs: $29 / 10-15pgs: $34

15-20pgs: $38 / 20-28gs: $48

30pgs and up —inquire further for quote.

Training Materials & Informational Resources Writing

We specialize in writing easy-to-read and detailed training and resources documents, packets, and manuals. These documents can come in handy for new-hire trainings, meetings, company-wide procedural update e-mails, and more.

We can create your materials either as a Word Document, Excel Document, or Power Point depending on the project and your preference.

All packages will include one complimentary revision to ensure your business needs are met.

*Inquire for quote

Copy Writing & Technical Writing

We are currently accepting freelance writing projects.

Copy Writing “blurb” packages are available for continuous projects of short word lengths between 100-250 words.

We specialize in database descriptions, short copy, product descriptions and more.

Please send a detailed description of your project and we will get back to you shortly!

*Inquire for quote