Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity means maintaining honesty and a level of morality in regards to any academic assignment. This includes giving credit to ideas or writing that do not belong to us with proper sourcing and citing. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism.

Do You Write College Essays?

No. We are not an “essay writing” service. This means that we will not create essays or parts of essays for students (also known as “ghost writing”). When students come to us for writing services or tutoring, it must be with the intent to learn and engage instead of simply having an “answering” service that does the work for you. All inquiries for essay writing will be politely rejected. It should be noted and highly expressed to the student that the use of essay writing services goes against most academic integrity policies and can result in serious negative repercussions.

Plagiarism Policy

We do not condone or encourage plagiarism of any kind.

We reserve the right to deny service to anyone in breach of academic integrity.

We understand that citing sources can be tricky, and mistakes happen. The first appearance of “potential plagiarism” will be politely flagged to the writer and options for revisions will be suggested.

Any subsequent flags and the refusal to cooperate within the boundaries of academic integrity will result in a warning message. Continuous offenses can lead to denied future service.